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There is an upcoming event here in my place. It happened to have a league of all the clusters. In my place I am the one to be chosen to be the ‘muse’. I’ve seen the suit that I’m going to wear. I didn’t expect anything about it but when I’ve seen it in my very first glance I went like “no way”. My belly! HELL, I’m on diet but the word ‘diet’ is somehow like eating in the right amount or something?. I actually had some exercise for my belly but I want to enjoy my summer so I eat and eat. anyways it’s not that big as what you imagine(I guess). It’s just, if I want it to be seen in the crowd then I should have the best belly of all the contestant. Actually I don’t want to lose with this kind of thing. It’s a shame, really.

but what can I do, it’s meant for me to lose because of my damn belly. well, I still have weeks so I guess I still can do something about my belly. I’m just so sensitive about the shape or form of my body.  Oh well, I’ll just cross finger I guess.




For me breakfast is the one who increases energy, lifts my mood, aids in weight loss, and helps fight stress and disease. Every morning it is my first taste of food after a long night of rest for both body and mind.

Sometimes I am one of the people who have, intentionally or not, ceased to be “breakfast people,” grabbing a cup of drink before my morning commute and do not settle food for breakfast. I am lazy sometimes to cook for my own breakfast. Actually, we have no ‘maiden’ to ask for food in the morning. Mom is lazy to wake up and most of the time I AM LATE. I wake up in the right time but I’m somewhat like a turtle. Sometimes I take shower like more than 15 minutes and throw clothes about 20 minutes. We don’t used our car so I get my ride standing helplessly waiting for a ‘jeepney‘ to stop by. What I hate about ‘jeepneys‘ near our place is that it won’t stop until your not only ONE but more than thrice. Well, enough of my ride.

Yet, health studies repeatedly shown that breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day, but it also determines how the rest of that day will go. It’s taking the time to sit at my breakfast table means taking stock and preparing for what my day lies ahead. Even my solo breakfast gives me precious quiet time to think, clear in mind, and renew the heart, especially after well-loved rituals or a good workout. it breaks my previous night’s fast and jump starts my body with nutrients needed to fuel it until lunchtime. like before when I skip my breakfast, I end up overeating later in the day. yes, it fills me up, but over time, this could result in extra weight.


for me breakfast is an important meal of the day…
What’s breakfast for you?






Reading  “Vanished“. I took a shot at my eyeglasses with my book.

Then, I love it 🙂