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There is an upcoming event here in my place. It happened to have a league of all the clusters. In my place I am the one to be chosen to be the ‘muse’. I’ve seen the suit that I’m going to wear. I didn’t expect anything about it but when I’ve seen it in my very first glance I went like “no way”. My belly! HELL, I’m on diet but the word ‘diet’ is somehow like eating in the right amount or something?. I actually had some exercise for my belly but I want to enjoy my summer so I eat and eat. anyways it’s not that big as what you imagine(I guess). It’s just, if I want it to be seen in the crowd then I should have the best belly of all the contestant. Actually I don’t want to lose with this kind of thing. It’s a shame, really.

but what can I do, it’s meant for me to lose because of my damn belly. well, I still have weeks so I guess I still can do something about my belly. I’m just so sensitive about the shape or form of my body.  Oh well, I’ll just cross finger I guess.



Good thing I did something great this week. I finished reading two books, do some review of things that I have to work on to. I also made the first chapter of “Kate” my newest story and first of all. I’ve finished 7k (jogging) this morning and I am so happy about it. First I gave up in 3k then now I did 7!! That was so amazing… I’m so proud of you Argeeya

Reading  “Vanished“. I took a shot at my eyeglasses with my book.

Then, I love it 🙂






I lay upon you the presence of my desire.

To light me\\









I’ll be your light

I’ll be your strength
I’ll right behind you, so whenever you fall… I can catch you right away





I can see you now
My eyes are on you

The question is…

“Is that really you?”






Too much is not good
A little love is enough






I love it! I was inspired by LEX.

Now, I’m back for my ‘cam‘.



























I have to say this that I am now so desperate to learn guitar no matter what. Actually on my fifth grade I started to pluck our guitar but in the end I gave up, my fingers isn’t that strong. I can’t do some chords due of my laziness to reach some strings and I am having  a hard time strumming.

I want to learn it in a way that when I start on playing the guitar then by tomorrow of it I am now professional (haha). It really didn’t work out for me. My first songs are the one that made by Taylor Swift, all her songs are easy to play. Some of her chords are just repeated so I’m not having a hard time remembering each chords but what matters is the way I strum the guitar ’cause I’m so awful!

Anyway, I just want to share this new thing.Okay,it’s actually an old thing that I easily give up. I’m just madly in love with music!!

“Stop!” said Miss Minchin. “Don’t you intend to thank me?” Sara paused, and all the deep , strange thoughts surged up in her breast. “What for?” she said. “For my kindness to you,” replied Miss  Minchin. “For my kindness giving you a home .” Sara made two or three steps toward her. Her thin little chest heaved up and down, and she spoke in a strange, childishly fierce way. “You are not kind,” she said. You are not kind, and it is not a home”.

Sara Crew is one of my favorite character. Lots of things about Sara Crew and Anne Shirley are quiet similar. They invent names of people or even things and how they work out with their imaginations . If they’re down, then they can prevent it by pretending things out of their imaginations.

Sara is a little girl living with her beloved father, Captain Crew in India. Sara was sent to a boarding school in London at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary to escape the inevitable hardships of India such as disease.She  is a very intelligent, creative and polite young girl and she has  never been selfish, spoiled, or self-centered. Sara is not well liked by Miss Minchin but she was forced to tolerate Sara because she is immensely rich. She sees life as a story, she’s good in inventing stories to please other people and to herself.  Seven year old Sara Crew is devastated when her adored, indulgent father died, leaving her penniless and alone in the world due to some bad investment. I feel that students my age would not find it interesting but I find it pleasing.

Sara has many good qualities that are quite admirable.Through it all, Sara manages to never speak badly to the insufferable Miss Minchin.  Sara always acts as the perfect “little princess.” I love her character. My book of a little princess is a gift from my friend. She is adorable and pleasing to deal with. She recommend me this admirable book. I thought this story is quiet predictable but when I read it, it surprised me and thrills me. It was sad when his father died and not even a penny was left except Emily, her doll. Sara’s unfortunate day starts right on her birthday, everything is a blast!. Miss Minchin’s rudeness to Sara has come forth. but Sara was so brave that she didn’t give up staying alive. She met friends and even though she was poor, people still admire her. She’s a wonderful child. Even if she’s up or down she still stays the same.  Her manners and the way she acts is the character of a princess. It is something that cannot be altered whatever happens.

If Sara was a princess in rags and tatters… then she can be a princess inside.