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Hi blog! just want to share something. I’m happy really happy. I don’t know why my happiness today is overrated. Maybe for the coming event of my life!. well, the only sad thing I encounter this week is that my aunt’s father died. I feel really.really bad about it.

i’ll guess, maybe it’s because my weight is loosing pound(oh yeah). also maybe it’s because my HUGE crush just texted me something that I my chicks were red as an apple. maybe it’s because I’m just excited to be looking around in the mall for a long time(not really just days) with my friend. or just excited to find SUMMER JOB this coming week end. i don’t really know why.

but I know one thing that makes this day HAPPY!. it’s because my dad called my a few hours ago and told him a lot of things . it’s been a long time since I’ve heard dad voice. hope my happiness won’t end this night…. I want it to extend! and if it will I hope it’ll be better than this.

I hope I didn’t disappoint my readers with this post (if their were somebody reading my blog). I don’t know what else I’m going to do with this happiness! you-know- it could be nice to express it. I want to get along with my blog.



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My summer is getting boring. What else am I going to do? summer job? summer lesson? like what?!. I can’t just stay home sitting and be a stray. I have to do something. I have to make my summer be better than my last. My last summer was so COOL!. I’ve been in places and now in bed, chair, eating stupidly. Am I still a human? oh yes of course I am still a human. I hate it when I waste my time. I just can’t stare on my books everyday. I can’t keep holding my phone waiting for a text messages from friends. All day long sitting, eating and sleeping makes my belly bigger! and that’s terrible!

Good thing I did something great this week. I finished reading two books, do some review of things that I have to work on to. I also made the first chapter of “Kate” my newest story and first of all. I’ve finished 7k (jogging) this morning and I am so happy about it. First I gave up in 3k then now I did 7!! That was so amazing… I’m so proud of you Argeeya

I just came from the birthday treat of my friend namely Princess Natividad (you know it would be great to mention her name). It was so fun, really fun. Then I got to mall hunting books with my baby sister, Realgine Mie Batulan together with my mom. I always wanted to bought this book The Help By: Kathryn Stockett. I’ve heard lots of encouraging reviews of this book. The minute I learned about this story, I am eager to have it. So here it is.

Actually, what’s in my mind was Diary of The Wimpy Kid and The Bad Beginning( Unfortunate events) but sadly my budget can’t take it, and when I saw The Help – I directly put it in the counter with The Wimpy Kid and keep it. The book of the Wimpy Kid is FAMOUS!. I am actually encouraging my cousins to read rather than staring blankly on their wall. They saw this movie so it is not that hard to let them understand it especially it is for their age.

Thanks dad and mom. Love yah!


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Congratulation to those people who just graduate and especially for those people who received medals and certificate. Honestly, I am so happy for you all! You’ll be my inspiration. I am green (hope you know what I mean) for those who received medals and more because actually I am aiming for it but until now, i didn’t have it. Too bad for me, anyway I still have my next time. you know it’s not good to rely on next time but I have no choice, I failed, I didn’t win my self.

I have to try better than my best. How i wish i’m not that lazy ANYMORE or else I’ll end up regretting until I got older enough to be high school. I’m afraid going to college, I don’t want to end up my high school days, I am not ready. I have to admit that I am a loser BEFORE not now. okay, I’m too drama but I’m telling you honestly, I give up easily because of my laziness I guess. I need an inspiration to do this, so thanks to all of you, my models in life I praise you.


For me breakfast is the one who increases energy, lifts my mood, aids in weight loss, and helps fight stress and disease. Every morning it is my first taste of food after a long night of rest for both body and mind.

Sometimes I am one of the people who have, intentionally or not, ceased to be “breakfast people,” grabbing a cup of drink before my morning commute and do not settle food for breakfast. I am lazy sometimes to cook for my own breakfast. Actually, we have no ‘maiden’ to ask for food in the morning. Mom is lazy to wake up and most of the time I AM LATE. I wake up in the right time but I’m somewhat like a turtle. Sometimes I take shower like more than 15 minutes and throw clothes about 20 minutes. We don’t used our car so I get my ride standing helplessly waiting for a ‘jeepney‘ to stop by. What I hate about ‘jeepneys‘ near our place is that it won’t stop until your not only ONE but more than thrice. Well, enough of my ride.

Yet, health studies repeatedly shown that breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day, but it also determines how the rest of that day will go. It’s taking the time to sit at my breakfast table means taking stock and preparing for what my day lies ahead. Even my solo breakfast gives me precious quiet time to think, clear in mind, and renew the heart, especially after well-loved rituals or a good workout. it breaks my previous night’s fast and jump starts my body with nutrients needed to fuel it until lunchtime. like before when I skip my breakfast, I end up overeating later in the day. yes, it fills me up, but over time, this could result in extra weight.


for me breakfast is an important meal of the day…
What’s breakfast for you?






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Hi everyone!

I’m just another girl who obsessed with books(collecting), anime(not really), food(I do not eat a lot) and stuff.
Just a quick talk about   Argeeya Mie Gica Batulan that’s me 🙂