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It was fun. The place was awesome!. It’s not really what I expected about this place but when we arrived I was like “WOW” I want to live here. Going here is so unforgettable. i’ll be back here soon.

 At the end of my day, my tummy hurts badly. I eat random of food not knowing that it was too much. Around 3:00 am my tummy starts to feel bad, I can’t even talk nor move. I was rushed in the hospital about 5:00 am. I vomit badly.  I feel so sick, saying  “Lord, take my hand” It’s like I’m losing, I swear I feel that. But anyway, It’s a good thing that I feel much better afterwards. The bad thing is that ‘I have an amoebiasis. Well, I just have to work on with my food.

I really feel so relieved especially knowing that people cares about me, I mean people do care but I really feel so great and thankful for the people near me. I thank you a lot for showing me that you were worried about my condition. I should say that ‘don’t you worry’ but then I feel so good even for just a few words you had asked me or do for me it WAS HEAVENLY THOUGHT of relieved.

Anyway, thanks mom… and to monkey and my friends. I hope you’ll still stick with me ’till the very end of our day. hehe.. please people DON’T CHANGE I can’t find any other person same as you XD


Klaus?? do you love me?

Klaus?? Can you see me right now? staring at you blankly? typing random thoughts about you?

I’m so obsessed with KLAUS BAUDELAIRE, do you know that? Ever since I’ve met him in my study table, I’ve been dreaming of him now and then. I’ve been reading his story over and over again. I have indulged you in every way. I have made haikus about you. I watched your movies many times. You’ve inspired me a lot that not a single day I didn’t hear your name in my mind.

A lot of things you made me real! My infatuations for you can not be regret by a fungirly like me…


thanks a lot for the inspiration.. send me some news about this guy 🙂