Who’s my DAD

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Expressive..., family
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I know this blog is in public, but I want to share about my dad. Well, my dad is away right now. He’s a an oversea worker. He works a lot.

Dad never bought something for himself, except if he really need to but not what he wants. there are times we family go out together like malls, me and mom wanted to bought him a t-shirt or pants or anything to improve his looks. but he keeps on denying about buying him new clothes. He said that it is better if we bought something for ourselves rather than this. Sometimes I’ve got pissed off about that. I told him once that “dad why won’t you buy anything for yourself? I mean your clothes are old and need new fashion or something. Come one, what’s the big deal?” then he just laugh.

most of the time he make jokes just like mom. He’s dancing is so weird that sometimes it hurts my tummy laughing so hard. What I like about him is when, he’s serious then he’s serious and if where in a comedy mood then he’ll get along.

I admit it that sometimes I cried because I miss him. Then I’ll be fine after crying. When I talk to him in phones, I can’t stop my mouth from talking. Most of the time I’m the one talking and he’s give comments and opinions. He don’t make me feel bad when I tell him my mistakes or for instants. I did something wrong and dad knows. He doesn’t get bad, ’cause he knows it already happened, so what can he do then? well he just talk to me smoothly like advising me to think things carefully before I act it. You-know just a comment and a reminder.
Now, I don’t know what I’m saying. anyway, I talked so much about dad here.



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